In Sprinkler Irrigation

When sprinkler water droplets hit the soil, they cause fine particles to dislodge and become mobile. Without SoilSentry™, these fines can percolate into the soil and start sealing off the interstitial spaces. This not only causes the soil to seal off, it reduces the rate of water infiltration. As water runs off into the furrow, it also begins eroding the soil further exacerbating the problem.

When SoilSentry is integrated in to the sprinkler water, the polymer in the product attracts the dislodged fine particles. Stable aggregates are then formed, creating a permeable network on top of the soil. Since the fines are no longer available to seal off interstitial spaces, water penetrates more freely and less runs off into the furrow. The result is that the soil remains crumbly and manageable, instead of glazing over and forming a hard crust.

In addition, SoilSentry forms a network that keeps the soil from migrating. This helps stabilize the bed, mitigating many of the problems that can lead to an uneven stand which can effect uniformity and yield.