In Gravity Irrigation

SoilSentry™ works as a strong and dynamic flocculating agent. Small suspended particles, which are picked up by irrigation water as it runs down the furrow, are attracted to the product dissolved in the water. When enough of these small particles surround the SoilSentry polysaccharide polymer, a stable aggregate is formed which drops from the water stream. These aggregates then "stack up" on each other to form a permeable zone on top of the soil, allowing water and air to penetrate. Since there are no fine particles to fill the void spaces, it prevents the soil from sealing over. The result is the soil remains crumbly and manageable, instead of glazing over and forming a hard crust.

In addition, because the fine particles are no longer available to percolate into the soil and start sealing off interstitial spaces, water infiltration is enhanced as well. All of which means more water gets to where you want it…less runs off the end of the field…and water that does run off is clear and clean.