SoilSentry™ was developed, in cooperation with the USDA, as a breakthrough technology to improve soil retention and water infiltration in irrigation farming.

Generally, crops planted for irrigation farming require intensive cultivation. When water is applied to the field during a growing season, however, it exposes the land to erosion problems. Whether you use sprinkler or furrow irrigation, as water is applied to the field, soil becomes suspended in the water impacting infiltration, and this can cause a number of erosion-induced and potentially costly problems. Left unattended, these erosion problems can affect crop stand, uniformity and yield. In addition, the unintentional stripping of topsoil from your field due to erosion problems will ultimately affect soil fertility.

SoilSentry is a brand new, patent-pending technology designed to eliminate these problems. Its proprietary polysaccharide-based formula is biodegradable and easy to apply. It's delivered as a liquid to your field, either injected into your sprinkler irrigation system or added through a battery box into your head ditch if you're furrow irrigating. And since SoilSentry is a sustainable new practice designed to protect your soil, it helps protects your investment now—and in the future.